Nova EM 12

- 600W (RMS)
- 102dB (1W/1m)
- 133dB SPL
- Coax/Horn Hybrid

Do you need Sound?
Do you need Sound?

Nova VS 215

- 1000W (RMS)
- 99dB (1W/1m)
- 132dB SPL
- BR/Horn Hybrid

1x Amprack

TSA 4-13000 & Dbx Driverpack Pa

- Incl. all necessary Speaker Cabel
- 5m XLR Cabel
- XLR/Cinch
- Adapter & Tripod

Do you need Sound?


All speaker cables (Speakon connector) are labeled. There are 4 cables for the tops in different lengths (choose as short as possible). 2 cables for the subwoofer (7.5m), each labeled with SUB IN at one end and SUB OUT at the other. Do not connect a power yet. Connect a subwoofer cable (SUB OUT) to output 3 & 4 on the back of the amplifier and connect the SUB IN side to the subwoofer. Connect the outputs 1 & 2 with one top each with the top cables (side does not matter). Switch off amplifier & controller. Connect both power cables and XLR cables with the mixer.



Front and back of the Amprack must be open.
Turn down all 4 volume controls of the amplifier completely (counter clockwise), turn on the controller, turn on the amplifier, turn on the input signal from the mixer. (At the input meters of the controller, you can see when a signal arrives) Turn up the volume control of the amplifier. When turning off everything in reverse order ...